Basement Remodeling / Finishing Toledo

If you’re looking for increased living space in your home, then the solution could be basement finishing. A basement finishing project can almost double the size of your home at a fraction of the price of a room addition. Let Handy Hubby’s basement finishing crew create new rooms designed and built for your specific needs.  We will make recommendations to stay within your budget.

Basement bathroom, theater room, work-out room, an office, a play space for children, livingroom, bar, game room, bedroom with an egress window, or whatever specialty space of your preference we can design and build for you.  We show you before/after pictures of what is possible, draft a drawing of your basement, take measurements, before pictures of your basement, type specification, and go over the details of the project with you.

Basement Remodeling and Design Ideas

  • We will guide you through your basement design process while still maintaining a careful eye on the budget.
  • We offer estimates and in-home consultation.
  • Basement bathrooms, theatre rooms, bars, living rooms, and game rooms are all elements we can explore during your basement design planning!

Five Tips You Need To Know Before Finishing Your Basement

  1. Before you start finishing work on a basement, make sure there won’t be any water issues that might cause future damage.  First, make sure the outside ground is sloped away from your home’s foundation walls.  Always be attentive and observant to the dampness and moisture penetration of your basement, especially during periods of rain and wet weather — this will allow you to gather information such as where the water is entering your basement.  It is also recommended that you check your downspouts to be sure the rain water is draining away from your foundation.
  2. Basement bathrooms are amenities worth the investment.  Family, friends, guests, and possible future purchasers will find value in the extra bathroom you build in the basement.  However, you need to plan the location of that bathroom BEFORE any walls are built.  Because of the plumbing process necessary to install most basement bathrooms, the location and layout of your new bathroom will play a significant role in the cost of the plumbing.  Design your basement according to the cost effective plans to install the new bathroom.
  3. Your main basement living area should be designed first according to your current basement’s mechanical layout, and taking into account your needs and wants.  Furnace trunks (htg/ac & return) usually span along the ceilings of your basement.  This “main HVAC trunk” is hidden by framing a soffit around the span and then finishing it with drywall.  Thus, this is the part of the ceiling that is lowered.  Visualizing your finished basement with this lowered ceiling can help you design the rooms.
  4. Invest in a backup sump pump in case the main pump goes out.  If you have municipal water, a water-driven backup sump pump is a good option.  The latter option is more viable if a storm should knock out electrical power in your area; that is to say, in such a circumstance water will continue to be pumped away from your basement.
  5. Install an “egress” in your basement (i.e. a full-sized window or entry door that can be used as an emergency escape route).  An egress is required by law when you create a bedroom in your basement.  If you list your home for sale in the future, with a basement bedroom that has an egress, you may advertise that extra bedroom and the square footage as part of the complete finished home appointments, thus increasing your sale price!